Freeware for troubleshooting SSD

Any freeware tools to check SSD's ? If you know any, please post them here...
I have a Sata to usb adapter but is this helpful for a SSD?
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  1. What brand SSD? Many brands have freeware tools for their drives.

    What problem are you troubleshooting -- just not working or something specific? There are benchmark programs like AS SSD if it is just a performance issue.
  2. I wanna check health status and reliability and performance.
    The SSD was used in a Mac, and the person who had it said that had crashes and other stuff. I just wiped the partitions he made, rebuild the MBR with MiniToolPartition Wizard (because was on Mac and Windows couldn't see it) and did a speed test in CrystalDiskMark , speed was perfect.
    I don't wanna install an OS on it and run it a few days.
    I found SSDlife but the free version would only let me check one disk, and I already have one (with the OS on it).
    I also had HD Tune but expired ...
    Edit : Its a Samsung 830 series, I have the Samsung Magician Software
  3. ^thanks for the link, it shows me 100% good health and temperature

    Samsung Magician shows this speed, I guess, are ok.

    Any way I can stress the SSD for a few hours to see if gives any errors?
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