Problems with dual band Dlink Dir-825

Hi there,

I've been using a Dlink DIR-825 Wireless router for a few months now. On the network I have a pc connected to it (wired) a HTPC (wireless) a ps3 (wireless) and a laptop (wireless) -- but rarely more than 1 or 2 at the same time.

The big sell for me on this router was its dual band 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks. I have set up each band with a seperate SSID with the intention of connecting the ps3 and the HTPC to the 5ghz network for gaming and downloading, while using the 2.4 ghz band for surfing on the laptop. However, I've been encountering a peculiar problem wherein any given device is only able to connect to one of my networks (typically the one I don't want to use). Rather the issue isn't so much that I cannot connect but rather the network I seek is not visible in the list of detected networks -- no matter how many times I refresh the list.

E.g. The laptop can only see the 5GHz network, and the ps3 can only see the 2.4 ghz network. My HTPC even has a Dlink Xtreme N network adapter and "pairing" them only allows it to connect to the 2.4 band.

For all other intents and purposes the router is performing swimmingly. So I don't think its an issue of a defective router Is there something I'm missing here?

Both PC's are running Win7
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  1. I don't think the PS3 wireless adapter will detect the 5GHz network. My understanding is that specific network adapters will be required to access 5GHz SSID. Should do fine with 2.4GHz one however.
  2. Is a 5 Ghz band exclusive to Wireless N? Come to think of it the ps3 is only wireless b/g so could that be the problem?

    Strange though, because the HTPC has a wireless N card.
  3. I have the wii and x box 360 and a desktop on the 2.4gz and i surf with my laptops on the 5 ghz!

    works great!
  4. I have the same router. Total POS. The dual band does not work. The 2.4 Ghz band is good for ~25 ft only. TRied using the 5.0 MHz for Streaming video band does not work at all. I reinitialize the software and it stops working soon after. I've completed all firmware upgrades. My kids use the 2.4 GHz for their games which sucks all the bandwidth for my work. My hardwired connectin is great at 130 Mbps so that is not the issue. If I'm doing something wrong love to know what and fix it.
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