How to remove the other os on my computer

hi guys anyone knows how to remove one os if you put two os on your computer??
example: i put two different os in my computer like win xp and 7,,then i want to remove the other one like win xp,,..can anyone teach me how to remove it??

:D :D
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  1. Are they on the same drive?
  2. no..the win 7 is on the drive c and the win xp is on the drive d..i cant even open the win 7 im asking how to delete the xp
  3. OK, what happened to Win7? Did u just installed it as a trial and its past due?
  4. By remove it, u mean disconnect or erase or just unplug the drive?
  5. no....i installed two os on my hdd..i have allready partitioned it..the problem is on windows xp i cant connect to the internet..and some programs dont work on it..
  6. Why don't u format whole drive and clean install W7 and have no problem, because W7 wont boot and u will have to fix it.

    It will take u 30 minutes max. I was reading your posts and all that time it could have been done.

    Any reason why u didn't do it MIKO30?
  7. Ow i fixed it ryt now..,i figured out now how to boot on the win 7..,
  8. Sure, but I just wonder why not install again. Is the XP out of there?
  9. what do you mean install again?? reinstall again the xp one?
  10. That was before u got it fixed. I would do a clean install over those old ones and make a back up.

    And be done with that in under 20 minutes : )
  11. uhmm ok ill try...:D
  12. Well, no need now, right, u got it fixed don't u?
  13. i have a problem on connecting to the internet...i dont know how to fix it..,i cant download the right driver for it..
  14. Re-install the driver. What do u use for internet, names of the router and the NIC? ...
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