Final Build amd955/ati5850

-80promos= -15case, -5ram, -10mobo, -20hd, -30general

Worth it to get cooler? I looked at hyper 212+ but seems too big for the 7.5 inch wide case. Maybe this one?

+ $220 Intel x25m

1070 total after rebates

Everything looks fine to me, but its my first build so let me know if I'm missing anything...or if there are better price/performance parts in my range.

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  1. All looks good, but swap that HDD for a samsung spinpoint f3 (1tb is like $5 more then what you have). The 500gb is $55 and performs basically just as well. Also, you might want to get a corsair PSU but that current one is 80+ so it should be alright
  2. If you're thinking CF : that's a 16/4 870 so here an 8/8/ one
    Tower @ $750AR

    Case also has better cooling options and HD 5870 worthy ^^
    $100 OS
  3. The hyper 212+ cooler is apparently good for AMD boards as some other coolers block ram slots due to not caring about AMD boards (I don't like that sentence either lol)
  4. Don't plan to crossfire...and oc genie seems useful for newbie like me.
    That nzxt case might be better (though it does come with 1less fan), but the ram is worse timings and overall both came out more expensive.
    I'm getting the wd 500gig for 50$, so I'll stick with that over samsung 500gig for 55.
    I did bundle the cpu/gpu and hd/drive for a bit of savings.
    Went for ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro, since I was not at all sure about 212+ fitting, and that was more expensive anyway.

    $1056 after rebates/promos
    Cheers, might not get to put it together next week, est ship on x25m is 22nd.
  5. The samsung one that he suggested is the best hd for the money out there currently.
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