I build a new pc and the monitor say no signal

hi, just build my new pc, but the monitor says no signal, the monitor works fine on my laptop
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  1. remove the vid card and reseat it, if that doesn't work, they are all new parts right, RMA
  2. Not so fast. Any monkey can just replace parts until they accidentally "solve" the problem. The problem likely isn't even due to faulty hardware. "No video" problems are far more often due to forgetting a step in the build process on new systems. There's a link to a troubleshooting checklist in my signature that was created to troubleshoot this exact problem. Let us know how it goes after you've performed EVERY step in the checklist.
  3. Awesome Sticky or soon to be a sticky
  4. It's a sticky in the Homebuilt Systems section of the forum.
  5. Too Cool
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