Athlon II X2 260

Would an atlon II x2 260- 3.2 ghz, socket am3,,,,,,,,,,,,,be a lot faster than a amd atlon 64 x2 2400 , 2.2 ghz socket 939
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  1. It would be. If you are going to spend money on a new motherboard and an Athlon II, I'd recommend you at least try to get an X3. The extra cores will greatly improve your system performance and the price difference is marginal.
  2. Yes. But not by that much. I'd recommend you spend enough for an Athlon X4, it's only $90.
  3. okay....i had allready bought the x2 260 the other day,,,,frys had it for $41,,,its just a surfing rig,,not a gamer
  4. Should be fine then. You know you need to get a new motherboard as well, right?
  5. u can play with that CPU too
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