PSU causing freezing?

Alright all i really want here is an opinion ive gotten a few form local computer stores but noone has given me a clear answer. Ever since i built my rig about 6 months ago ive been getting random freezes a few times a week. this are just still image freezes with the current picture on the monitor being frozen in place and a cracking sound coming through my headphones.

I just swapped out my old power supply (ozc 700W) for a 850W Cooler master Silent pro M. the rest of ym specs are as follows

Crossfire Asus 5770's
AMD phenom II black edition x4 955
4 gigs mushkin ddr3
M4A78T-E Asus Mobo
Lexa S nzxt case
500gb sata Western Digital Black edition hard drive
and ofcourse the new 850W CM

I just want an opinion on wether or not it was infact the power supply that was causing the crashes, ive only had the new PSU for about 2 days and no crashes yet but i fear for the worst.

Im not 100% on what my voltages should be but so far they are the same as they were with the ozc were at for the most part.

Will this new power supply possibly be my solution to end my annoying crashes..

any info will be appreciated
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  1. Inadequate power generally doesn't cause freezes. It will cause an out and out crash. But if you suspect power problems, you should have replaced your PSU with a good brand - Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, etc. - not a CoolerMaster.

    All of your voltages should be within +/- 5% except the -12 volts which should be +/- 10%. Keep in mind that a lot of Windows monitoring programs do not accurately measure negative voltages.

    If you run a single video card, does the system freeze? Try running each card separately to check.

    Have you tested all of your memory with memtest?

    Up to date drivers?
  2. Could well be. PSU replacement solves more than 50% of the hardware related issues resolved here lol.

    Watch for gpu heat, though, as a strong second alternative (cpu heat should lead to a shutdown, not a freeze). Download/use CPUID's Hardware Monitor, and keep an eye on both your core and gpu temps for a while.
  3. I have indeed tried running off of a single card and ocasional restarts and crashes still occurred so far the new psu seems to have solved my issue but long term results ofcourse will take time. all of my tempertatures are normal ive been monitoring the voltages and everything is more than stable.

    as for the Cooler master silent pro M 850W it has outstanding reviews and in any case was an upgrade from a 700W ozc, i was going to get the a corsair 750W but according to most the CM SP 850W was actually a step up not to mention it is modular and the thin cables are a dream <3

    not every crash was a freeze but for the most part other than the mixed in all out restart of the rig.

    i will continue to measure temps and voltage, also i am using the new ATI beta drivers and i am NOT overclocking running at 3.233Ghz
  4. High ripple & transients beyond PSU Standards do cause crashes as it alter data on the CPU or memory or its data bus. That's the reason there specifications to electrical noise level for PSU for all electronic devices including PC.

    Cheap unknown brand have these issues on top of falling short to its voltage and current specs.
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