My computer is not booting

Hi sir,

My computer is not booting up..the power is on. power is come in to the mouse, and also in keyboard...the motherboard is also working fine..

i replace the CMOS battery with new one. this time i start my computer and press F8 it display one message i.e., "The firmware has detected that CMOS battery failure has occurred, press enter to continue" and i press enter again it display same message again i press enter after 3rd time my system is on normally. after some time i restart my computer that time also working fine. after some time i shutdown my system and Turn on that time also my system Turn on.

Again i Turn on my system in the Evenining, this time onwards my system is not booting. again previous problem occured. there is no booting. i press F8 there is no use. power comes into the monitor is also fine.

Please help me. what can i do? and one more thing i press on the UPS button, CPU is also the Turn on with out press the CPU button. please tell me the what is this problems?

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  1. Verify that all of your cables/connectors are firmly attached/connected. It is possible that you dislodged something while installing the new battery. Also verify that the "clear CMOS" jumper is not in the "clear" setting.
  2. Hey , there is a good article about why your PC wont boot and how to fix them , click the link below:
  3. you need to check your pc board , maybe you damaged the board near the bios battery if its not ,
    check if you can hear 1 short bip sound from M.b speaker if not, then remove all of the devices in your board Except cpu and cpu fan , then start pc and wait for bip sound from m.b , you need to check bip code and add devices one after another , if the bip code is not good with each device , you need to change your device.
    you can get bip code chart in google. you must add devices this way and check bip codes , frist add ram , then grafic , and hdd , then cdrom , then fdd if you have and other , if you hear 1 short bip at last your pc is fine and you must can use your pc after all . sorry for bad english.
  4. Try to update your BIOS
  5. desktop is not booting. when I start the system, processor fan runs for 5 seconds and then stop and again self restart the processor fan and then continue running but no display. RAM is working and cables are proper connect and working.
    Motherboard - Intel DG45ID
    processor- Intel Core 2 Quad 2.83
    RAM - DDR 2
    SMPS - cooler master 460w.
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