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I am debating about whether to majorly upgrade my system (CPU, motherboard, graphics card, maybe memory too), or minorly upgrade my system (graphics card).

I want a casual gaming computer that is going to last me for 2-3 years, until I can afford a laptop that is able to play high demanding games well. My system was able to play games decently until the graphics card capacitors blew, and now I am thinking about either replacing the card, or most everything. My budget is tight, but I can make it stretch if I think its a worthwhile investment. I also thought about buying a new system, but I don't see all the advantages of getting everything prebuilt since I am happy with my hard drive, psu, and optical drives. I also think it would be more expensive and less upgradable.

I would like to know the community's thoughts before I decide anything though.

My specs are:
Windows vista 32-bit
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
4GB DDR2 memory
500W cooler master psu
Hitachi 320 GB 7200 RPM SATA II Hard Drive (plus other 3 other HDs, 1 external for about 2 TB total storage)
4 gb 4200 ddr2 ram
ECS MCP61-P AM2 Motherboard

The system itself is over 2 years old, although with a new logitech keyboard and mouse.
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  1. Curious: unless mobility is of prime importance i would never look to a lappie for gaming as the small display and poor audio takes that much away from the experience of it all hehe
  2. True it does, but I can always hook it up to a monitor, and speakers if necessary. The mobility would be of prime importance, but I would still prefer to always have a desktop at home, even if its a bit older.
  3. Hmm for a quickie/low cost upgrade:

    AM2+ 760G/770 mobo
    Rana 440
    Reuse DDR2
    HD 4850
  4. Well depending on waht a 'tight' budge is, you're best bet is probly to get a new video card. Something like this 5750


    Anything more would be major overkill for the rest of your system.
  5. by tight budget, i mean total for major upgrade about $300. About 150 for the graphics card alone.

    Lowrider, I am glad to know that that card wouldn't be beyond my system, I saw it before and was considering the upgrade.
  6. Well inn all honesty, it MAY be slightly beyond your system. But not way beyond it. I'd put it at the upper echelon of what you want.. and its a great price and Direct x 11 compatible. It should be a nice upgrade for your gaming needs...
  7. But, would my computer even be able to handle Direct X 11 games with my current processor?

    I am thinking more about upgrading my system, something along the lines of:

    rana 445 cpu
    am3 & ddr2 compatible motherboard (like batchuka suggested)
    same ddr2
    and hd 5750

    based on what I saw from online retailers, that would run me around 330 CAN. i can live with that price.

    maybe I'll just get the hd 5750 now, and the rest later.

    Thanks for the help guys
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