HAF 912 or RaidMax Smilodon

Hey guys. Building a gaming rig, and I'm runnin' out of money, so I was wondering if I should get the Raidmax Smilodon or the HAF 912. It will hold an overclocked (heavily) 5850. I want to know which has better cooling, features, quality, cable management, etc.

Thanks! :)
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  1. Another vote for the HAF912 :)
  2. Is something not right with the smilodon? Cause it seems like it has better cooling. But I like both. URrrggh...damn my indecisiveness. Any more opinions? Please give reasons.
  3. 912 is a fine case but from what I remember you have to take out a HDD cage in order to get your HD5850 in. You still have room for two HDDs though.

    I vote for Rosewill Challenger

    For the same price there's this case I own:

  4. ^ The ATI 5870 is ~10.5". That leaves you about .1" without removing the drive cage at all on the 912. Even if you have to remove one of the drive bay cages, it wouldn't matter in most cases as people usually only run about 2-3 HDDs. SSDs don't count. You can literally tape it anywhere ;)

    Anyways, I too vote for the HAF 912.
  5. So then just buy a side fan for 5 bucks and tack that on?
  6. Hey, would the Thermaltake Armor A90 be a better choice than the HAF 912?
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