Computer Nightmare please help

I'm fairly fimular with computers and I built my pc myself little less than 2yrs ago. I'm having major issues, so I'd like as much help as I can get. I'll begin by listing my parts.

dual boot Win7 x64 primary, WinXP x64 secondary
Core i7 920 (original i7 release)
intel heatsink (stock)
GTX 9800+
DDR3 6gb corsair gold (i believe)
Corsair TX750W PSU
Seagate 500gb HD
WD 1GB cavier green (new)

Heres the run down. I installed the WD 1gb last week as a storage HD for movies etc. Since then I noticed anytime I accessed the drive I could hear the disc spin up (normal idk?). Besides the point that was the recent hardware changes. My problem is... I come home to a half frozen PC so I reboot. I boot Win7 and it goes very very slow loading. Eventually boots and is dreadfully slow. So then the PC shutdown automatically. I restart, to have it shutdown during the POST. I realized it was overheating when I checked the mobo temp reading of a varing 86-96C.

Furthermore it kept rebooting. Eventually I let it cool down and boot it in Win7 low graphic setting to check if anything has changed. Virus scan, clean, etc. Then restore it back to a few days ago. I restart the PC and continue to have ongoing problems so I removed the storage HD in case and attempted booting with more issues. I reset the BIOS, still trouble. I also have tried reinstalling win7 which took awfully slow to even load the setup and it failed to install or format any of the drives (error messages). I think I have concluded it must be a hardware issue, I dont understand why or what but I checked the heatsink and cpu first which was awfully bad and wore. I reapplied the thermal paste and cleaned both cpu/heatsink.

The temp still is not great, in POST mode it seems to get up to 86C but at a idle I got it down to 55C. I have no idea at this point what is wrong. I'm almost positive it has to be hardware issue but I do not know what to do. The computer will not even boot in Win7. I've tried switching the SATA ports, different cables, everything and it is dreadfully slow. The PC is running so slow that the POST screens do not even flash disappear, instead they scroll slowly disappear.

Please help, what do I do next. Thanks so much, anyone who can assist me in the right direction I promise to reward them something whether it be through paypal or mail. Thanks, Jon S.
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  1. You said your problems started after you installed the WD drive. First thing to do is to unplug the WD drive and see what happens.

    Second thing to do is obviously to solve your thermal problems. Clean out the system. Double check the cooler. Improve air flow through the case.
  2. Make sure that the CPU fan actually spins. You can do it by booting with the side panel open. Your temperatures are awfully high.
  3. I did a memory diagnotic test, it says everything is fine.

    jsc: unplugging the WD drive was one of the first things I did, I'm still have trouble with it plugged in and out. The major problem now is failure to boot win7, install, etc. I guess it would be helpful to know the SATA ports have been rearranged from the original setup but I dont think that matters if im reseting the CMOS, it auto detects. I already reapplied thermal so I cant see it being the case. I cleaned all dust, very minimal from all the fans, heatsink, case, etc. and airflow is sufficient for now. The biggest problem is figuring out how to get my system back to normal speed and win7 reinstalled or booted.
  4. CPU fan is spinning. all fans are spinning. the temps I know are awfully high. atm it steady at 84C, why though???? Is my CPU ruined possibly??? because I've cleaned the CPU surface, heatsink surface, and also reapplied thermal and secured the heatsink to the cpu. I think that possibility is resolved. The PC is running terribly slow. More than likely because the temp but at the same time I've checked the heat-sink. All fans are running. hot air is being blown out from the heatsink, I know it is working proper.
  5. Finally have gotten both XP and Win7 to boot up. Both seem to be running at normal speeds. I'm still very concerned currently with the onboard Temp reading. It is a steady 84C which is way too high. I'm going to buy new thermal paste and reapply it tomorrow. I figure its time for the stock heatsink to be taken out also. I'm still very very curious as to why a sudden jump in my cpu temp. It never ran at this temp so I'm clueless to why now. Any suggestions on what I should do at this point?
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