Is the local cpu shop full of it

The local computer shop says you can't upgrade my gateway 838gm mobo because a) more than likey it won't fit and b) the connectors from all the peripheals won't fit on the new mobo. The mobo is a microatx, so I thought they were universal. Is he full of it and just wanted me to buy a refurb from him.
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  1. Why are you trying to upgrade the motherboard in that? I'm not exactly clear what you are trying to do?
  2. My mobo is fried and I am wanting to upgrade the processor which means also the mobo. I want to keep the gateway case if possible just to save $$. I thought it would be simple to buy a new mobo and cpu but it seems it's not going to be that easy.
  3. Well the only reason it wouldnt fit would be if thats not a microATX, if it's a gateway 1off size and dimension. Just make sure whatever you order has the right amount of cable connection types (i.e. if your hard drive is ATA - make sure the motehrboard you get has ATA and not just serial) - also want to double check your power supply has the right plug for the motherboard you order.

    I guess its possibly they created their own goofy motherboard with a goofy power supply and PSU connection.
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    Gateway 838GM Media Center Computer specs and parts
    Looks like a standard micro-atx Intel 915G Motherboard and 300W BestTec PSU. SATA HDD.
    It really seems you should be able to upgrade with a P35/P45 class micro-atx motherboard, matching RAM and a CPU.
  5. Thanks all for the replies!! I've already upgraded the PSU last year so that's no worries. Now just trying to figure out what CPU/ mobo combo to get. I will probably start another thread for that one.
  6. What PSU did you end up using?
  7. Thermaltake 3.3V/5V 140W. Not sure if it's a good one or not, but my other died on me and that's the one recommended.
  8. Not familiar with a Thermaltake 3.3V/5V 140W. Could it be Thermaltake TR2?
  9. Thermaltake TR2-4xx something probably.
  10. Thermaltake TR2-450PP. I was giving the specs, not sure if you would be familiar with model #.
  11. It's the +12V that makes the most difference these days.
    TR2 RX-450PP combined +12V 20Amps. It even has a PCI-e 6pin power lead.
    What video card are you using?

    any idea on your overall budget? CPU/MB/RAM.
  12. Microatx is a standard size and should fit.

    The peripherals have standard connectors. Shop is mistaken there.

    I might consider one of the 32nm clarkdale cpu's. They use a H55 motherboard, meaning that you would need DDR3 ram.
    Still, I would not put a lot of money in a motherboard that is two generations old.
  13. I don't see any reason you can't look at the latest AMD AM3 or Intel P55/H55 CPUs.

    I think you have enough information now to close out this thread and open another new, clean thread, looking for upgrade options.
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  15. Brand name systems in some cases cannot use parts from shops because they don't fit, it's more or less the brand name making sure you buy their parts if you need to.
  16. I think in the old days it was more like that, but I think now they are standardizing more. So the shop may not have been completely mistaken.

    Edit: Though you can buy a case from newegg for like 20 bucks and not even worry whether it fits or not.
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