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Hi guys

I need a new computer. My previous one was a Dell GX280, and it was horrible since I could not modify e.g. the cooling fan without the BIOS complaining. My new computer must satisfy

1) It must be very quiet, ideally as quiet as possible. I am very sensitive to noise when I work, and I cannot focus properly if there is too much noise around me. If there is a case fan, then it should be easily replaceable (contrary to the Dell GX280, which had a 5pin connector!?)

2) I do a lot of numerical computations and programming in my studies, so it cannot be too slow. I do not play any games, so I guess the graphics card is not that important, but I listen to music when not working, so a good sound card is preferable.

I will assemble it myself. Unfortunately, I am ignorant in the hardware field, so if you have any suggestions at all for the components, they are more than welcome. Regarding the price range, I can stretch the price to 1500 US $ (as a maximum).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The onboard sound on todays motherboards is pretty good. Only the most hardcore audiophiles with big systems actually buy sound cards... I think you'd be fine for normal music listening with onboard sound of a decent motherboard.

    You have some options to go here... you could build an $800 system that will easily handle all of that. Or you could spend $1500 on a super system that's overkill (but hey, we all want the best of the best).

    Primarily the bulk of money in a $1500 system is normally spent on video cards (500 to 800) - since a decent $100 video card will suffice you, I'd say to go the previous route. Also do you need monitors???

    I'd say this is where you should be
    -i7-920 $300
    -Gigabyte 1366 socket motherboard $200
    -6gb DDR3 ram - 3x2gb $150
    -Samsung spinpoint 1tb $75
    -Case and 550 or 600watt power supply (around $150, depending on how nice of a case you want)
    -DVDrw -$25 (maybe a 2nd if you use them alot?)
    -GTS250 1gb GPU $130

    These are just basic prices, obviously if you look for ones in combos or ones with rebates, you can save some money there too
  2. No moniter for now (I should have mentioned that in my first post - sorry!)

    Will a 600W PS be noisy? Please keep in mind: The goal is that the computer should be as quiet as possible.

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