4870x2 stuck on 507 Core 500 Memory?

i have ditched all my nVidia cards and am now playing with a 4870x2 while i wait for my 5870's.

I actually paid money for the 4870x2 and plan to sell it in a week or two, but i am wondering if it is damaged.

The core clock is showing as 507 and memory as 500 in both rivatuner and overdrive, but that's just in monitoring, the default clocks for adjustment are 750/900.

Now in this thread someone had a similar problem:


He said that one core was 750/900 and the other was 507/500.

I may be in the same situation, in CPUID one of my 4870x2 cores are 56 and the other is 69 (this is on idle ater being on for quite a while with fan on auto).

Would this suggest that one core is running with higher core and memory clocks than the other?

If so... Why is this happening and how do i fix it?

If not... Why is this happening and how do i fix it?
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  1. Is there a program i cna use to see the clocks and temps of both of the cores in my 4870x2?

    In Overdrive, it shows current values as 507 and 500 and in Rivatuner it shows 507 500 in the monitoring window, however, the adjustment bars are by default set at 750 900 in both Overdrive and Rivertuner and there are no error messages when trying to apply clocks above 750 900, however the "current values in Overdrive and the core clock and memory clock values in Rivertuner do not change once an overclock has been applied.

    Whether one core has been overclocked or not by either of these program i cannot tell, so again i'll ask, is there a program which would show me both the clock speeds and temperatures of both of the cores in my 4870x2?

  2. Okay, so i tried overclocking through Rivatuner (not tried Overdrive yet), this reset the monitors to the overclocked core, monitoring in both Rivatuner and Overdrive show 783 936 (which are figures i chose randomly).

    This caused one of the cores to rise in idle temp by about 18-19 degrees C, but the other core is still low, infact it is lower at 54 degrees C.

    It seems like it's going to be a much better optiuon to overclock both cores a little than one core alot and the other none.

    I really need a program that is going to allow me to overclock and monitor the clock speeds of the cores independantly and right now one core is underclocked by alot.
  3. Okay, so the primary core, idols at 81-82 at 507 501 and 88-89 at 783 936, the other core is just chillin around 55.

  4. The GPU´s are supposed to throttle down in 2d mode. Are you getting your readings with them running in 3d? What does CCC report them at?
  5. Okay, well i just noticed that i could observe both cores in CCC, one is lisdted at 4870x2 (LG-TV) and the other is listed as 4970x2.

    One is at 79 and the other is at 50, the primary one is listed at 750 500, the other is listed as 500 500.

    Now the card benches fine, about what you'd expect, even better than you'd expect of a normal 4870x2, so there has to be some error in the clock speed monitoring system.

    The idle temps are high for some reason, but the card doesn't go above the high 80's when ran through a crysis benchmark.

    I have two of these cards and the same problem exists with both.

    What i want is an alternative to CCC that will allow me to monitor both cores and overclock both cores.

    It's very apparent by the temperatures that have been reported from multiple applications that one core is severely underclocked, it sits 20-30 degrees C under the other.

    So are there any alternative applications?
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