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Hi, I need to buy a GPU cooler for my Asus Cucore Radeon HD5770 but don't know where to look. Do you guys have any coolers for my card that work well?
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  1. Any reason why you would need and aftermarket cooler for a card that runs cold? The Cucore normally idles at 35c and should not go over 70c unless your room temp is above 90F.
  2. I've been diagnosing my setup cuz my GPU was reaching 90+ C under load and it sounds like it may be my PSU. I have a Tier 5 PSU i guess, didn't know that when I bought it, and it may be the issue. Even after I applied better themal paste to it I was only able to get it to flirt with 100 C instead of go beyond it.
  3. what are the specs of your PC, PSU? have you tried raising the fan speed manually?
  4. I haven't owned a ati video card before but my experience with nvidia is with the fan set to auto, it's never very good about speeding up the fan to cool the card better so you may need to go to CC and manually set it
  5. Yeah, those temps were with the fan at 100%. I could tell it was working because I heard the increase.
  6. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P, Intel Q9550 OC'd to 3.4Ghz-Cooler Master Freezer 7, Asus Cucore HD 5770, OCZ DDR2 1066mhz @ 800mhz, Thermaltake V9 gaming case (200mm x 2, 120mm x 2), Diablotek 550w PSU (soon to be Corsair CMPSU 650TX), WD 1TB 7200 RPM x 2, HP SATA DVD
  7. either the paste on the cooler itself is gone or the sink is not making contact with the chip.. I have no other explanation..
  8. I already reapplied paste.
  9. guardianangel42 said:
    Hi, I need to buy a GPU cooler for my Asus Cucore Radeon HD5770 but don't know where to look. Do you guys have any coolers for my card that work well?

    Maybe it has to do with your chassis?

    I just had a similar problem and some people from the forum helped me. I had a Micro ATX case with a 5770 and the idle temp was ~55'C-60'C and when gaming it went from ~80'C - 98'C.

    After switching to a mid tower with an intake fan, my temps dropped to about ~33'C-38'C when idling and usually in the ~ 50s - 60s'C (and rarely to 70'C) when gaming.

    Maybe post a pic of the inside of your case it may help.
  10. I own a couple of the same card, same brand in CFX setup. It says it would perform 11% cooler but I was also idling at 57 or so and going over 100 benchmarking. Forget FurMark, I didn't even entertain that. I do also have a MicroATX case, it is a Sony OEM, so first thing I removed that plastic cover from the cards, someone correct me but what purpose does that plastic serve, it doesn't exhaust the hot air, I reapplied better thermal paste, I added very slightly more just to ease my mind that heatsink and the GPU was not making contact. That helped just a little. Since the case was not meant for this type of system, I drilled an exhaust hole on top, added an Antec Spot Cooler, then my temps came down about 16 degrees. I idle at 39-42 and see 80s benchmarking. I still can't stop FurMark reaching 100s . In my opinion the heatsink and the fan that comes with this card is crap, the card itself is awesome but I wish I had the Rev2 cooler on it with more copper heatsink. They say CuCore but it has a copper piece right on top of the GPU and the rest is aluminum. I thought about that Arctic Cooling Accelero L2 Pro VGA Cooler someone linked but then you can't have it in a CF setup on a microATX board (Asus Rampage GENE II) due to size limitations.

    Here is my system specs;
  11. I think what I need is a all copper cooler that is not going to be any taller than the cards own bracket height when installed, at about 25-30 mm... Anyone remember that Rev 2 cooler of ASUS 5770s? Before they came up with this CuCore?
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