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I have a GA-MA78LMT-S2 board and a triple core AMD cpu (Rana). Everything seems to be running just fine for now but I'm not sure the stock cpu cooler will be up to the job in the long term. I picked up an Akasa cooler only to discover that the memory slots are too close for it to fit over the cpu with RAM in place. The Akasa fan cooler is 135(H)mm by 109(W)mm by 90(D)mm and is basically too wide. I haven't found anything on Gigabyte's web site about coolers compatible with this board. Has anyone else had this problem? I had a look at the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus as a possible solution but any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Well your's is a AM3 board right?

    According to CM website the CM Hyper 212+ is a very good one for $30 and it is for the AM3 socket.
  2. Unless you have RAM with high heat spreaders the Hyper 212 should fit fine. It is actually a pretty good cooler that outperforms some much more expensive models.
    Don't just buy it from Newegg because as hell_storm200 said you can find it for $30 if you look around.
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