I have a ASUS p7h55-m pro motherboard with a core i5.

I had ASUS Expressgate installed, which is like a miniOS that boots just before the bios.

My PC was just crapping out, i have my windows 7 64 bit cd so i decided to reinstall windows.

When the windows install started, I formatted the C: drive, and then installed the new copy.

Windows installer wanted to reboot, as it does a few times, so it did.

WHEN IT REBOOTED, it went to "loading asus express gate" screen

BUT since I just formatted the C: Drive, ASUS expressgate is no longer there, and since this screen is BEFORE the Bios, I CANT GET INTO THE BIOS TO TURN THIS THING OFF!!

I'm so insanely frustrated, Now I cant even get into my pc, because I need to get to the bios, and this screen pops up first. What do i do to manually reset so the expressgate is off??
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  1. Have you tried clearing the bios.
    Generally shorting two pins, But double check the manual.
    Alternative. Turn PSU rocker swith on back of psu to OFF, remove CMOS battery, wait 10 min and re-install battery.
  2. Actually, I unplugged everything and turned it all the way off and then back on, and it automatically shut down express gate. Good idea though. Thanks.
  3. Have you tried emailing Asus?
    Was going to look thru the manual, but you have to register!!!
  4. like i said, it looks like it's gotta an auto-shutoff feature if you mess with expressgate like i did and it essentially fixed itself. Thanks for the help though
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