Conumer vs. Business PC for design, video editing, ~1.5k, HP or Dell?

Can someone please advise me about the differences between consumer versus business line of PC's.

I'm shopping around for the best value PC for design and video editing work with as much power particularly RAM as possible.

I'm looking at HP's and Dell's and noticed that consumer line of PC's are much cheaper than the business line with more power but with limited expandability. Is that the main difference?

For design and video editing, and possibly 3d work in the future, would I really need a workstation or the consumer line is fine?

I'm looking to spend around 1k, 1.5k max.

I'm considering HP, Dell, or possibly custom build.

Appreciate any advise, thanks.
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  1. For something so specialized, doing a custom build will end up being cheaper, and of higher quality.
  2. Is custom building really cheaper nowadays? My current computer is custom built and I remember that I saved a lot of money many years ago, but I'm looking at desktops such as this:

    For only 1100 and most likely there are discounts out there.

    I did a quick search on newegg ror parts and no way I can match that or beat the price.
  3. They don't mention the type and brand of Motherboard, PSU, case, memory, HDD.
    They could easily throw some uber-cheap parts in there. Making the whole build crap.

    By building yourself, you know exactly what's in there, and can customize it to your needs.

    The graphics card for example included in this 1100 build is way weaker then the graphics cards a gamer can put in his custom gaming build for 1100$.

    It's easy to say "xx GB ram included", but you have poor quality rubbish RAM and you have the real deal.
  4. it's overpriced. You could build a computer of SIMILAR quality for cheaper
  5. i literally just built a computer for a friend with similar Better specs for only $852 CAD (not counting windows 7 as i already had it)
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