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This is the setup i am thinking about going with, would love some feedback as to if anything will bottleneck my performance, and suggestions as to how to avoid those problems. Will be using this for almost completely gaming purposes. Money isn't the biggest issue, but usually tend to stay away from obvious overpricing.

ASUS Crosshair IV MoBo- [...] 6813131644
ASUS ATI HD 5870 Video- [...] 6814121382

AMD CPU - Have 940BE now, wondering if i need to upgrade?
RAM- Here is where i could use the most advice, was looking at possibly OCZ's Black Edition Ram 2x2gb or 4x2gb

HD- Wester Digital Caviar 7200rpm 1tb (x2 in raid), would like advice on best options.
Case- Antec 1200 Full Tower
Monitor- LG 27" LCD 2ms refresh- [...] 6824005127

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. This is not my first build, and i have a basic understanding of overclocking, though i don't plan to do too much. Would possibly bump up some speeds, but definitely not trying to push anything too far. I know i will have to manually change memory clock settings to get the 1600 or 2000mhz, but willing to figure that out. Again, not too concerned with money issues, but i don't want to spend unnecessary money for little or no performance gains. Have read on a couple sites about problems with Crosshair IV mobo overheating due to some screws being too small or something. Figured they would have fixed that problem or addressed it and offered solutions by now though. Also, may be a month before putting this all together.
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  1. With that graphics card you may bottleneck your CPU. I would suggest upgrading that to a Phenom ii x4 955. It has excellent overclocking abilities and will treat you fine:) Everything else looks good though. Enjoy your computer!
  2. So what current hardware do you have? Do you have a complete computer at the moment or just a few parts?

    I wouldn't say you need to upgrade your processor at the moment. I would also say that you could get a cheaper motherboard unless you plan on adding another 5870 in the future. Personally I wouldn't buy a full tower case because most mid towers are large enough for even the biggest of graphics cards etc.

    Take a look at the Coolermaster HAF 922:
    It's very spacious and it's supposedly one of, if not the, best cases for cooling.

    Are you going to put those hard drives in RAID 0 or RAID 1?

    You don't really need 8 gigs of RAM yet; 4 will be fine and you can always add in a couple more 2GB sticks in the future when you feel you need to upgrade.

    Anyway, in my opinion, CPU is good, RAM, get something like this:
    motherboard, something cheaper if not Crossfiring, I would get a single hard drive personally as well as the HAF 922 instead of the twelve hundred. Monitor looks good :)
  3. First let me say thanks for taking your time to answer my questions, i appreciate the input!

    Currently i have:

    Antec 1200 Case
    Corsair 750w PSU
    AMD 940BE Processor
    8gb OCZ ram 800mhz
    Asus M4A79 Deluxe Mobo (not M4A79T Deluxe)
    2x Asus HD 4970 ATI in Crossfire
    1 WD Caviar Black 1TB HD
    1 WD Caviar Green 1TB HD (I believe they are in RAID 1 by default, just did a PnP setup and didn't touch anything)
    Asus 22" Monitor

    With the 5970 i really don't see any need to crossfire, as it already has 2gb of ram and 2 GPU's built in. I think by the time i am ready to upgrade my Video Card I will be ready to upgrade my MoBo as well. With that said, maybe a recommendation for a top of the line Mobo if the Crosshair IV is unnecessary? The Hard drives were purchased by accident really, had both in my "cart" when i checked out from newegg and just decided to keep them both when they arrived.

    Also, any thoughts as to a brand of Video Card? I was planning on going with ASUS, as that was the plan for the Mobo as well. However, open to any ideas there, just want whats best with my setup.

    Again, thanks for your time and thoughts. Will probably be about a month before i complete the entire upgrade. Haven't heard of anything too exciting coming out before then that would change my mind on any of these.
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