Bios won't read disc or junk drive...

Hello, so from the beginning in a got a nasty virus...gave comp to friend...he ran anti virus on hard drive as secondary and got rid of virus but it must of been attached to 1 or more boot files....cause now my comp wont start, comes up with he tried to start using the the xp media cd to run a repair i think....and here is where it sucks....the bios sees the the cd drive..and we hit f8 to choose our boot..and. hoose the cd drive but it wont read the just sits there in the blank black screen with the little white dash flashing......we put it on a flash drive and tried from there....does same thing.......need help!!!
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  1. If the cables going to the drives, if they are IDE ribbon cables, may have been damaged if you pulled them by the ribbon to remove them.
    If not, try clearing the CMOS by jumping the 2 pins for the MB and pullilng the battery for a few minutes, and rebooting.
    If that is not it, the CD drive may have chossen this time to fail.
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