Need help with switching my motherboard between cases

Right so im trying to move my motherboard and all its components from 1 case to another so i have a bigger case for my graphics card to fit in (currently have a tiny case lol)

so yeah i get the motherboard in the new case and everything, easy. Connect up the usb cables, easy. But i need to connect the power button and reset button on the new case to the motherboard so that i can switch it on. However, the power button cable (Power SW, im a bit of a computer noob) doesnt seem to have a socket to put into on my motherboard, with my other case it was a huge socket but with this new case the cable only has a small plug thing to put in, so how do i connect it? thanks

Some Pics:

My Current Case(the small one):

My New Case(bigger one):

The Small Power SW and Reset SW cables (the one controlling the power on and reset switches):

The Motherboard is the Acer WG43M if that helps at all.

So I'll try and explain again using the pictures. I want to move the motherboard from the small case to the big case, however the Power SW and Reset SW plugs are smaller in the bigger case, so i dont know where to plug those in. If anybody knows how to plug em in/where to plug em in, post please? =)
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  1. Could you take a pic of the socket on the motherboard, I know with some dells/acer they make their power buttons compatable only with their motherboards. Try get a pic
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