New build core 2 duo e4600 2.4 ghz freezes

hi, my pc freezes during games help me
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  1. What are your system specs, and have you updated to the latest graphic drivers?
  2. Does it freeze, restart, give blue screen, and/or emit a sound loop?

    If a blue screen happens please look for the error code or minidumps, also check and post your temperatures with HWMonitor:

    When posting your sysem specs please add your PSU too.


  3. processor: core 2 duo @ 2.4ghz e4600
    ram: kingston 3gb ddr2 (1x2gb and 1x1gb
    mobo: asrock g31m-s
    graphics card: ati hd 3450
    600 psu
    hdd:320 gb

    after it kept freezing while playing games, i changed the ram 1gb one with my old one and still the same problem. Yesterday like after i restarted my pc freezed then i restart it but it always gets stuck at first screen like before, and the indicater light stays red thats when i know it freezes, it happened wid the new ram aswell,so now the first screen comes and after the windows 7 starting screen, it flashes a blue screen and restarts automactically, the ati graphics i card is from the old pc and i use a rarely used wireless internet usb adapter.

    The drivers are up to date.
    And i even cant enter my operating system.
    Now today im thinking of flashin the mobo bios and maybe remove the 1gb ram to see. Any suggestions?
  4. have you tried to start in safe mode? to get in safe mode, after bios posts, start tapping the F8 key then choose start in safe mode. let us know if you can. and we will work from there
  5. yes i can
  6. ok then it is most likely driver or startup issue.. go into safe mode, and go to start menu then run msconfig.. and disable everything under startup. then go to services and check the box for hide microsoft services and then disable the remainder.. after that, boot normally into windows and tell us if it works
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