Muliple noob questions on chipsets, new CPUs and memory

The last time I built a new PC was about 5 years ago, so needless to say I am due for an upgrade but everything has changed so much and I feel pretty dumb :) So hopefully you all can help clear some things up for me.

First off I was looking at the Intel Core I7 cpus and I saw some were LGA 1366 and other were LGA 1155. It seems that the I7 2600 seesm to be the new way to go with the P67 chipset, but I am curious as it seems all the P67 motherbaords don't have triple channel memory like X58 chipset used. Is there a reason for this? I figured the Triple Channel would be faster than the Dual Channel the P67 has.

So I am not sure what is the best path to take, any pointers?

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  1. I would go with 1155 Sandy bridge in the 2500k or 2600K with unlocked multiplier and a p67 board, which won't support onboard graphics. The p67 boards will overclock easier if that's what you want. The x58 boards are already a little dated; few have usb 3.0 and sata 6.
  2. If you are into some heavy multitasking,go with the i7 2600k.

    If you game,2500k is the best cpu out their.

    And yes, x58 are dated,rather go to the p67 platform with b3 revision.

    between,dual channel is also decent.
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