512mb GDDR5 vs. 1GB GDDR3 for HD video editing with Vegas

Hello everyone,

My knowledge of videocards is very limited. I've been using my integrated graphics, but Sony Vegas needs some help. I'm looking for something in the $100 range. I've narrowed it down to the Nvidia 240 chipset. The two cards I'm looking at both have this chipset but one with 512mb of GDDR5 memory and one with 1GB GDDR3 memory. Which will benefit me greater? The faster memory or the larger amount of memory?

I'm editing 1080p AVHC video. Will be rendering down to NTSC DVD format. My system has 4GB RAM and an intell quad-core processor. 20" monitor at 1600X1200. No gaming, just video editing.
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  1. The GDDR5 one will do better, it gives significantly better memory bandwidth, and the GT240 is too weak to use much more than 512MB so 1GB doesnt help at all.
  2. <waiting for Alvin to post about OpenGL 3.x> :lol:

    Anyways, for vid editing for non pro work, you can get a way with pretty much any card. As far as Sony Vegas is concerned, it doesn't matter much if you have GDDR3 vs GDDR5 or the amount of VRAM, hell I still have a PC doing light Vegas work with a Q6600 OCed with a softmodded 8400GS, it still works fine for small (~120 minutes or less of DVD quality vid) edits,etc.

    As for you, I recommend you just get a cheap 4350,8400GS,etc and be done with it. Spend the saved money on more HDD space or more RAM (assuming x64 OS).
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