Java wont download on my new Win 7 64bit laptop

Hey everyone. I got a new laptop for christmas today :bounce:

I tried to install java several diffrent ways, but none of them seem to work.

I downloaded and tried to install the 64 bit version offline and online.
I downloaded and tried to install the 32 bit version offline and online.
Restarted computer multiple times.

Sometimes it says "Java cannot be installed due to your current internet settings"
Or sometimes it says "Thank you java has been installed successfully- then when I go to java website I click on "do I have java?" Its always NO

Yeah. I tried basiclly everything, Im about to smash it :cry:

Oh. Its an Acer ASPIRE 5534. Win 7 home premium, 64bit.

Any help would be great!
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  1. Right click on the installer after you save it and select Run As Administrator.
  2. Running as an administrator did not work.

    Sorry. Need some suggestions.
  3. Strange....

    Try entering the Internet Options section of the Control Panel. Go to the Advanced tab and click the Reset button to reset all of IE's settings back to factory defaults. Then try re-running the Java installer.
  4. Bingo!!
    This has fixed my problem

    Thanks so much!!!!
  5. You're welcome!
  6. Hi there, Glad to see you got it fix and got some help.
    Have a question, Did you do it under Internet Explorer? If you have 64bit?
    You have 2 different Internet Explorer, one is 32/86 kind and other one it 64 kind. Now when you go do the Java site, you'll find out which one you're on, You have to use your Internet Explorer 64 to get the 64 java, download and to work it.
    Be aware, there alots of company and website are not really update to this yet. So don't think it there a problem with it just yet.ok. Is it like a new adventure for everyone.
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