WTB dead Athlon XP 2400+ thorton

Does anyone out there possibly have an Athlon XP 2400+ with a Thorton core which is dead? You know, maybe installed that heat sink wrong for just a second... type of thing. No physical damage, just looking for those which are dead, but otherwise look fine. Must be a Thorton core.
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  1. What are you talking about?

    First, there are only 4 cores for the Athlon XP, the Palomino, Thoroughbred A, Thoroughbred B, and Barton. All 2400+ or greater models only use the Tbred B or Barton There is no "thornton" core

    Secondly, may I ask why you want to buy a damaged or non functioning processor?
  2. Your not keeping up with it. New AMD Athlon CPU's are now being released with a new core called thorton. The core looks like Barton physically, and actually has 512kb of cache, but 256kb has been disabled at the factory. I have STACKS & STACKS of Brand new ones now in 2000+ 2200+ and 2400+, Here's a few on eBay already>

    I realize they are so new, it may take a while before dead ones start showing up, but believe me they will, and it's due to in-experianced installation. I have never had a Dead processor right out of the package (out of about 500 sold in the last 3 years) but 20% of the customers burn the cores when they don't install the heat sink right.

    I'm looking for dead ones because I may be able to get a few of them warranty replaced. It may be soon, but no doubt in my mind people will do something wrong & blow em out! Lots of them! This is the #1 problem with AMD socket 462 processors which is no longer true with the new Hammers.
  3. Its called "thorton". Its a barton with half of the cache disabled (IE 256k cache) because it didnt pass quality testing or something. You cna reenable the cache
  4. I don't know about quality testing, Possibly, but it's more likely that it's easier for them to manufacture 1 type of core, than 2, and just disable the cache on the models which are sold cheaper. (whatever)

    The Barton cores are now being mass produced, I have a feeling the older thoroughbred cores are no longer manufactured. What a game, what a game... it's all just hype to me. I just sell em, I'm currently running whatever I have laying on the table suits me just fine. The AMD chips run hotter than Intel, and I hate fans, but I'm currently running AMD anyways because it's what I have tons of stock on. I could care less which one I own or run. AMD is not worse than Intel and vis-versa. (except AMD should really have built TDP into their processors before Hammer) I don't play that Ford vs. Chevy game, I could care less. I just know for sure 90% of everyone's problem with any computer component is usually the assembler/operator, not a defect.

    So... I will pay $$$ for dead thorton core 2400+ if anyone should have (blow) one.
  5. I think I know why you want dead thortons. Tell me if I'm right or wrong. You sell these retail thortons on ebay w/o the full retail packaging and hs/f. Therefore, you want to buy some dead ones and rma them, since you still have the original retail packaging and all that. Then sell those, and the cycle goes on.

    Am I right, or am I right???

  6. The latter.

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  7. Pretty damn smart if you ask me.

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  8. If it only has 256kb of L2 doesnt that make it a Duron and not an XP?

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