Best onboard audio mobo...thats not Realtek

I made a huge mistake when choosing parts for my 1st build...I cheaped out on the MOBO- Elitegroup ECS P55H-CM

I have been having issues with the onboard audio (Realtek)
and the fact that it is a micro ATX board and has no room for expanding (only 1 slot for GPU and only 1 pci slot)

My question is which MOBO has the best audio? (...that isn't Realtek)

I will make the purchase around February 2012 and i will likey go with an i5 2500k cpu unless some new 'must have' tech comes out by then.

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  1. The Realtek are fine, if you developed a problem over time then my best guess is either you have a corruption, bad driver, or some other peripheral interference. IMO open the Device Manager and Uninstall everything Audio and restart, next make certain you have the latest Realtek drivers.

    Also, you could add a PCIe x1 Sound Card or PCI Sound Card or a USB Sound Device.

    By Q4 '11 ~ Q1 '12 you'll have the LGA 1356, LGA 2011 Intel Panther Point or AMD Bulldozer. Meaning the P67 or Z68 will be old news.
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