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Looking to upgrade a microatx mobo that is fried and Pentium 4.

For what I'm looking for a budget isn't the question. I don't do any gaming; most of what the system will be used for is surfing, email, and the most important downloading mega files in FLAC format. I want something fast, reliable, and ability to multitask without freezing up. I have a idea on what to get, just want to see what more knowledgable folks think.
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  1. I would suggest a microATX 785G board with an Athlon II 240, should beat out the P4 handily and will give you decent graphics power for being integrated.
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  3. +1 Rana 440 + MSI 880G : nice price for beefy bundle offering SATA 6GB/s + USB 3.0 hehe
  4. What about this combo Any reason not to buy this compared to the others?
  5. It's a viable option. It's been getting good reviews from NewEgg customers.
    Save's you $8 (after rebate).
  6. I'm going w/ the Athlon II x2 with 785G board that WR2 suggested and putting the rest of my money in RAM..thanks for the help as always
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