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Could someone with good background knowledge recommend me a laptop? Something with a screen about 14inches and <2kg. In particular I need advice on processors. I'd like to get a laptop that will last me therough university. I plan to use it for image editing, Flash and so on, but mostly for everyday tasks like wordprocessing, internet. I don't need it for gaming so I won't need a particularly high resolution. What is to be prioritised: RAM or the processor? I'm thinking of spending about £700 but this is flexible.
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  1. 4GB of ram is my minimum recommendation if it must last you through university (assuming 3-4 years).
    For the processor, attempt to get a quad core if it is in your pricerange. Also, stick with intel in the notebook sector.
    Even though you aren't using something that would make great using of a good graphics chip, I still recommend you don't cheap out. You can stick with integrated, but go with an ATI or Nvidia chip. Avoid the 6xxx and 8xxx chips from Nvidia though.
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