What do they use to edit IMAX?

Cause I was reading up on this and apparently it's some mind boggling resolution of 8-10K (ie. more than 4 times the maximum "normal" cinema resolution). So what kind of killer hardware would be able to edit effects and render stuff (3D remember so it's TWICE that if you think about it); without taking 10 days for each frame? Quadro FX5800s in quad SLI? :o
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  1. Quote:
    HPC clusters.
    Eg 1000 Opterons and 2000 Teslas in one farm.

    Right so how would you interface with all this parallel power using a "normal" video editing application? I thought they had a hard time getting things to run on more than 1 thread let alone 1000 :lol:
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    Thus they render frames concurrently. so one CPU/GPU/Processing Unit renders one frame.

    Right so do they use special software that's programmed to take advantage of the farm? Also what about playing back the footage in real time? Wouldn't that alone take some serious cycles?
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