XFX Radeon HD 4870

Hey I wanna get this video card but I want to know if I can run it on the P.C. I am illiterate with computers but I like gaming. What do you need to know about my P.C. to see if I can run that card
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  1. you need a 500w power supply and a motherboard with a PCI-E x16 slot.
  2. where do i go to find that stuff out?
  3. Right now i have a nivida geforce 6150 se
  4. what computer do you have? name and model number if you have it
  5. This is a picture of my system is this helpful do you need more?
  6. DouglasLHolland said:
    where do i go to find that stuff out?

    If you don't know, better find someone who know more about PCs......
  7. already found out by myself is my best friend, but i need to know if i get i will be able to run the vid card
  8. Yes ofcourse, will be fine.... Even if you want to overclock will be enough...
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    Dude, everything is ok. HD4870 is good card, but why you don't take HD5770, is better and is newer model...
    Also HD 5770 have DirecX11, OpenGL3.2 and shader 5.0..... HD4870 have DirecX10, OpenGL 2.1 and Shader 4.1...
    For that money take HD5770 and don't think... $159.99

    or 169.99$
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  11. Good choice, have a good days with this card....
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