ASUS Sabertooth X58 Raid Problems.

I have a sabertooth X58 mobo and have set it up with two seagate 250GB HDD's and installed windows 7 fine. It works great, but i have added a 2 TB Hitachi drive for extra storge. The drive is seen in the bios and appears on the screen after POST displaying the RAID configuration but when i load windows the drive is not there.

Any clues as to what im doing wrong?

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  1. go into drive manager, locate and initialize the drive.

    start> rt click Computer > select Manage > on left pane select Disk Management >
    in lower center section locate the drive which probably says Not Initialized and rt click it and select initialize. >
    now that its initialized it should show as Unallocated . rt click again once and select New Simple Volume to begin the wizard.
  2. Wait, did you set the drive up as a single drive in the raid controller bios (usually press ctrl+f to enter the raidbios when prompted)

    You must do this first since you have it connected to the raid controller.
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