60C tempature?

Just got my new PC up and running and have been testing it under stress while gaming. According to speedfan the CPU is normally around 55C with a some peaks up to 63C this seems a little high to me. The gfx card has stayed pretty steady at 35-40C though which I think is pretty good.

Build is an i7 930 cpu, 5850 radeon, asus p9x,asus p6x58d. What do people think of the factory installed heatsink / cooler? Any advice on a better one as it seems like I will need it.
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  1. Thats a little on the warm side. But i7s can safely run hotter.

    I'd look into getting one of these

    29 dollars and it will drop your temps significantly. You'll also need some Thermal Paste. Arctic Silver 5 is considered the baseline for that. It's like 6 bucks, easy to find online.
  2. If you have a case with a fair amount of air circulating through it and you are not overclocking, the stock cooler is OK.

    If you are going to overclock, especially with core voltage increases, you need a better cooler.

    There are better coolers than the 212+, but the 212+ is an excellent value. You would need to spend probably $50 or more to get something substantially better.
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