G Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1600 PC3 12800 with Asrock Extreme3 870 Mobo

Finished building a new rig with the aforementioned mobo and ram. upon bootup, BIOS shows the RAM(2 2Gb sticks) operating at 573 Hz. it's in dual channel mode so I suppose it's really running at 1146. However, the mobo supports 1333 with OC to 1600 and 1800, so the ram should be running at at least 1333/2 in BIOS. When in BIOS, the memory speed, etc is grayed out, I can't change it. I can go into the OC tab and OC it, but based on multipliers of the 573. How do I get the BIOs to recognize it to 1333, and then how do I OC it to 1600/1800?
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  1. Read your M/B manual you should be able to change the overclock setting, allowing you to change the ram speed.

    It is on page 41 of your manual, it is not very detailed but that was what I needed to do on my Asus board prior to being able to change the ram speed.
  2. Thanks. I did change my OC and next reboot it recognized it at 1600 RAM in the OC tab. Thing now is, on the main Bios tab it says it's operating at 833, and I can't OC it past 1600 in the OC tab (should be OC able to 1800 per mobo specs). The manual doesn't state how you get it to OC to 1800. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. When you increase the FSB (OC) it will OC you ram, cpu, and chipset, you can counter the cpu OC by reducing the multiplier. I have the same ram and was unable to push it any highier than 1800 on the stock 1.5v. Good luck you might take a look at the overclocking guide here for more info:

  4. Should you choose to OC above spec, I would strongly recommend aftermarket cooling, if you don't already have it. The northbridge and RAM are going to get very warm and will benefit from more airflow.
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