Bad SSD? Horrible stuttering when writing to disk.

So I have some SSD's in my system, all corsair GT, one 128Bb, and two 240GB's. I don't use the 120Gb. One 240 is for windows, programs and for individual games. The other drive is for Steam, and steam games. Today I downloaded some mods for skyrim, using the skyrim nexus mod manager, a program that downloads and installs mods automatically.
When I started downloading everything was fine, but after a couple of minutes the computer startet stuttering horribly. I shut it off, and after a reboot I started the mod manager again. It downloads straight to the Steam-SSD, and the second I started it, the computer started stuttering, it's so bad you can barely move the mouse.

I sat there looking at the stuttering for a about 20 seconds before it went away, and the computer returned to normal. I uninstalled steam and ran windows' utility for checking the disk for errors. It found and moved a folder named "found", and after that I started downloading steam and skyrim again. I went into BF3, and started playing and after a couple of minutes of playing the stuttering came back in full force. The in-game fps counter showed 0-4 fps, and I could barely move the mouse. It took a couple of seconds to alt-tab.

Now I'm sitting here a little confused about what to do next.

I have my computer overclocked, but I set the bios back to default, and the stuttering still went on.

My hardware is:
Intel i7 2600k
2x Corsair GT 240Gb
Corsair GT 120Gb
Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB
Asus P8Z77 v-Pro
2x gtx 680
Asus xonar essence stx
Seasonic x-series 1050 PSU

The whole rig is overclocked and runs at 4.8Ghz at about 1.365 volts. The temps usually top out around 60 degrees c.
I have run very extensive stability tests, and the cpu has not shown any signs of unstability yet.
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  1. I don't have the same hardware as you do, however; I came across the same stuttering albeit for a few seconds at a time intermittently. I checked connections, scanned the drives with all of them within spec.

    My last resort was to re-image my system and thus far stable.

    I can longer be bothered to troubleshoot for days when it's much easier to revert to a working OS.

    Apologies as this may not help in your cause.
  2. Got to agree if it wasn't happening before the downloads there was some virus in there. You may have to do a clean install to completely get rid of it.
  3. Whens the last time you let the pc sit at the login screen so trim can activate?
    What you describe is sounds like what happens when the drive hasn't been able to run garbage collection and needs to 'zero' sectors before it can write to them.
  4. Popatim, please elaborate. You're knowledge might help me!
  5. The computer had been on for many hours before I started to download, if that's any useful info. I thought TRIM activated pretty quickly.
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