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I have a GIGABYTE GA-880GA-UD3H motherboard what speed memory can I use. I want to get DDR-3 2133 if I can use it or tell me the best memory to use. Also should I get 4gb or 8gb or 4-2gbsticks.
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  1. Memory speed doesn't affect performance much, even in games. You might see a boost in CPU-intensive scenarios like file compression, but in games, a 5% boost is optimistic (assuming it's a GPU bound game).

    If you have that much money to spend on memory, I suggest getting an 8GB 1600 MHz CL7 or CL8 kit in 2x4GB configuration. Even 4 GB is a lot, but 8 GB is a "reasonable" overkill, and memory is cheap anyway.
  2. yeah, a decent 1600 with low latency will be sufficient.8gb as stated by gracefully
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