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i am building a pc from used parts. it will be used for multitasking, many-tabbed browsing and gaming. please recommend a combo of the following parts which would provide the best performance in the aforementioned areas (the machine will run XP pro) a combo of two of these five parts listed ARE the ones i will be using so i am looking for the best combo of two of them for the best performance in the areas i mentioned.

ECS P35T-A mobo
Asus p5k-e mobo
MSI P7N SLI platinum mobo
Intel q6600
Intel e6850

these are other available parts i will most likely use with a combo of two of the above five:
2 evga 8800gt's, maybe sli, dont know if both work yet
2 gigs ddr2 with heatsinks
550w power supply (unless i go for another/a different graphics card, then need to look higher)

please feel free to make any recommendations and let me know what else would be important/what i left out.
also, feel free to recommend an aftermarket cpu cooler, and other video card options. I am considering one of the dual fan gtx 470s :na: , then maybe use one of the 8800gt's for phys-x let me know what you think.

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    MSI P7N SLI platinum mobo with the Intel q6600 is your best combo

    I actually ran a very similar setup as one of my first builds and worked great!! (I ran with two 9800GTX's after replacing the my 8800 GT). I upgraded to a Q9550 and handed the PC over to my Dad to replace his dead PC. For a heat sink, I would look at the Sunbeam CCTF for the LGA 775 socket. It is a great cooler at a good price.

    If you plan on running a GTX 470 and an 8800GT, I would highly recommend going with at least a top tier PSU, such as Corsair CMPSU-650TX (will need an adapter for the 8800GT though).
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