Three Dead SSDs in a Row - Lemons or Something Else?


I'm at the end of my rope trying to troubleshoot this poor PC I build back in April.

The PC worked great at first, but a month in I came home to the Windows Boot Manager up on the screen. The BIOS wouldn't detect the SSD anymore (an Adata S510 120gb) no matter what I tried. When everything *had* been working, I'd updated both the mobo, BIOS and SSD drivers.

So SSD1 went off to RMA. I figured I'd buy another identical and RAID them when the replacement came. Installed the new SSD, updated the drivers and it worked fine... for a month and a half then I came home to a black screen with the white Windows arrow but everything was frozen, no response from keyboard or mouse and on reboot? I couldn't get it detected by the BIOS. An older HDD went it (SATA) and of course no problems there.

At that point I started thinking it was other hardware issues maybe affecting the SDDs. I'd carried the PSU from my old machine over, so I bought a new one. And for good measure I had the mobo replaced as well.

The replacement for the SDD1 arrived a week later, so I installed it and everything seemed ok. Reinstalled everything, updated everything and it ran from May 'til last night. Because I woke up this morning to the Windows Boot Manager again.

So at this point I'm at the end of my rope. I'm tired of spending so much time reinstalling everything from OS on down.

Did I miss anything obvious that might be causing the SSD failures? I mean, what are the chances really that I've tried to work with 3 lemons in a row? I'd assume fairly low... (sigh)

Any help/suggestions GREATLY appreciated!
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  1. Please list all system parts including the new and old PSU.
  2. If they were my drives, I'd be performing a post mortem examination.

    On the rear of the PCB are several (3 or 4) switchmode power supplies. I would measure their output voltages. I could help you with this if you know how to use a multimeter.

    There also appears to be a protection (?) device near the +5V pins at the SATA power connector.

    AFAICT, your board does not appear to have any backup capacitors, so your SSD's design may be vulnerable to corruption from power interruptions.
  3. Have you made sure the drive firmaware has been updated?
    My Patriot Pyro used to exhibit a simular symptom but if you actually turned the pc off and then back on it would work fine again. A firmware patch back in july/aug fixed the issue and its been really nice since.
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    have heard of troubles with lesser named SSD's dying for no reason. i stick with intel, haven't had an ounce of trouble.
  5. there was an old firmware ssd bug..on some ssd after 5200 hours of use the drives may have has that firmware on those first two drives.
  6. My latest RMA replacement arrived on Thursday and on Friday I lost the HD I'd been using since May. So... dammit.

    @fzabkar I think a post-mortem at this point is a good idea, but I don't have that kind of equipment. But since now I'm on SSD number 4, I need to resolve the problem somehow.
  7. This is all you need:

    Cen-Tech 90899 7 Function Digital Multimeter (US$5):

    Cen-Tech 90899 7 Function Digital Multimeter User Manual:
  8. If it's a voltage issue, would I be safe if I just bought a different model of SSD or regular hard drive?
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