P67 Chipset aftermarket mosfet heatsink

I was wondering if anybody knows of any mosfet heatsinks that are made for the intel p67 chipset. I know there are the Enzotech MSO-C1 but I am looking for a clip in mosfest heatsink, one piece expanding over all the chips, one for the top and left row. The board i got was a MSI P67A-C43 and it runs great just dont want to do any OC until i find somethign to put on there. If all else fails the MSO-01 work just wondering if anybody has found anything besides that. I noticed the next model up (P67A-C45) has some from MSI but I got this on such a good deal from newegg I couldnt pass it up. Thanks
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  1. When looking for aftermarket coolers for Chipsets or Mosfets, it could be an easier option to go for Water Cooling. I recently installed a water cooling option for a friend for under $200 (AUD), which included everything. Various online retailers often have a clearance range on copper blocks for mosfets and chipsets, allowing you to get a $49 block for as little as $5.
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