Unigine Heaven fatal error, what's causing it???

I was trying to run the Unigine Heaven benchmark and got these odd errors when I try to launch it. I was able to do it beforehand, but now that I put a clean in stall of Vista 64 bit on the PC it will not load. Here are a couple screen shots of what I'm getting here:

Any ideas on why all of a sudden I am getting these errors after a fresh reinstall? I'm running Vista 64 bit with SP 2.
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  1. Yes, I am crossfiring 4850's. I tried to disable it and was actually using crossfire before when it worked as well.
  2. I'm going back to Windows XP, I can't even install HW Monitor, Deep Burner, CPU-Z, or Prime95 on Vista due to errors. I've tried reinstalling the OS many times and making sure I have the latest drivers for everything. I think the issue with the Unigine error is that the program believes I have version 7 of the 2d drivers however when I go into the hardware configuration in Catalyst it shows 8.xx.
  3. Well I have no idea what's wrong other than the program somehow got corrupt while in Zip form and the download is now corrupt because it will not work on XP, Vista, or 7. Anyone know of a good benchmark that shows the true capability of DX11 that actually works?
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