The New i5 760, Worth it?

So I was looking on Newegg when I saw that the new i5 760 was available. I was thinking, "oh, it's just a multiplier bump, whatever", when I saw that it's manufactured on the new 32nm process. Should I get this over the i5 750? I'm going to be overclocking quite a bit, so is it worth it? Thanks.
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  1. Thats probably an oops on neweggs part, to drop it to 32nm and still have it rated at 95W is bad, it is likely just a multiplier boost.
  2. I wanted to know the same thing. I've tried to find some info online but there is no current info about it, not even on Intel’s site.

    From what I've seen it's just as you and Hunter315 said, it looks like just a multiplier boost 2.66 to 2.8. Although on NewEgg in the specs it says it supports HyperThreading...I don't think this is true, due to the fact that all the i5 series do not support HT.

    I was going to be purchasing an i5-750 as well and planned on OC to support my RAM choice to get them to run at their rated timings. It seems even if I were to get the i5-760, then I would still have to OC it to get the RAM to run as stated.

    Also, wouldn't we still be limited for OC since it’s on the 1156 socket, don't they start to burn up somewhere after 4 Hz?
    So 750 or 760, wouldn't they OC to the same levels due to the limitations of the 1156 socket?

    One more thought; didn't Intel just do this with the i7-920? They release the 920 then a few months later they release the 930 with a slightly higher clock speed?

    For $15 more for a small increase in speed, which you could do yourself (and why wouldn't you?) so, is it worth it? Maybe, too soon to say; but for those who couldn't decide between the 920/930...was it worth it to get the 930? Odd thing is that the 920 is $5 more than the 930 currently.
  3. ^ Intel released the i7 920 in 2008, and the i7 930 in 2010. The i7 930 was meant to replace the i7 920.

    As for this limitation, I believe that was with a few users using the original Foxconn 1156 retention bracket, it's fixed now. I'm pretty sure the i5 760 is just based on the same 45nm arch. and just has a multiplier boost.

    Newegg might be lying 'accidentally' to get a few more sales in before admitting that they made an 'unintentional' mistake. Maybe, maybe not.
  4. Thanks for the posts, guys. So, now that I know that it doesn't have HT and it's not 32nm, is it worth the extra $10 for the multiplier boost? Would it yield higher overclocks, or could I get the same results by just using the i5 750 and raising the clock speed?
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    As far as I know, it's like the 920/930: a small boost in multiplier.

    Is it worth it? That depends. If you're going to overclock your CPU to the maximum and get every bit out of it (4,5GHz or higher) you can get a bit higher with an increased multiplier.

    If you're not into overclocking, or only mildly, it's not worth the increased price. However, over time the new part will eventually replace the older and drop to the current 750 price.
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