HD too slow?

System is a Z68, 2500k running at 3.3
16GB Vengeance 1600 9-9-9-24
HD103SJ Samsung hardrive

In the windows system test it claims that my HD is the lowest performer in my system. 5.9 in windows. I regularly maintenance the HD...and it actually isn't that old...about 4-5 months.

I'd like to get the perfomance up.
What are the means to do this?
- Better / Faster HD?
- combine HD with SSD?
- SSD only? (kind of too expensive for me I think)

Thank you for your time.
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  1. dont worry about the windows score.
  2. Use an SSD as your boot drive. WEI has mainly been debunked and is generally just for vanity, your HDD is probably fine but even if it runs at 7200rpm it is probably only going to score a 5.9.

    I have not seen a WEI benchmark for a 10k drive (mainly because...who cares about WEI? lol ;)) but I imagine it is still not much higher.
  3. Thank you for the fast responses

    So what would be the most beneficial for gaming.

    - SSD boot drive for windows
    - using an SSD in support of the HD
  4. SSD and drive speed in general is only useful in reducing load times, as far as gaming goes.
  5. Standard disclaimer about paying attention to what MS thinks makes a system good...

    Yes the HDD *is* probably holding your boot times back a smidge but it's really up to you. Do you feel you need just a bit more? If so keep an eye on the sales for at least a 120G SSD, you should be able to snag a nice MLC number in the $60 range over the next couple of weeks. Then load everything non-Windows to your current drive.

    If not screw'em who cares what MS thinks anyway.

    Fair warning. You can't easily restore a Windows 7 backup to a smaller drive. Be prepared for a wipe and reload.
  6. SSD will help with loading times, but will not affect game performance (FPS).

    The WEI (Windows Expierence Index) is a total joke. There are computers much faster than mine that get much worse scores, and computers slower than mine that get much better scores. As a general idea for understanding what the next item is that you should upgrade, then yes, the WEI will point out items that are under-performing compared to the rest of the system. But for understanding where you are compared to the rest of the world it is a terrible system.
  7. I have the same score. Just got my HDD less than a month ago. It doesn't mean anything. Your system is pretty good. Other than upgrading for Haswell your set.
  8. Only install os to SSD, other data save to HDD
  9. Make sure to disconnect all hard drives when you install Windows on a SSD. You'll love it!
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