New 5830 can't get to POST/Desktop

Recently just bought an ASUS 5830 and tried to install but can't get to POST or the desktop. I would receive a black screen during post or right before windows finishes starting up. Rare instance it did get to desktop just to get the black screen before i was able to do anything.

Computer specs right now
Intel C2Q 9550
Gigabyte EP45-DS3R mobo
antec earthwatts 650w psu
8gigs corsair pc 6400 memory
evga 9800gtx+
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  1. Maybe put your 9800gtx+ back in, uninstall it's drivers, and try again? You didn't say whether you did that, but if the computer thinks that it's going to boot with a 9800, and it finds a 5830...
  2. i already uninstalled the drivers before hand. i even tried to get into safe mode to do a driver clean but it wont even reach there before the black screens takes effect :(
  3. never tried that, but accessing bios didnt worked when it did post so i doubt getting a fresh windows install would be impossible but will try it soon as a suggestion

    edit:So i tried to install windows but the video would get checkered and go black before it finishes booting files from the dvd.

    It reached the desktop once and i was able to install the drivers but windows 7 kept getting all these checkered squares and black out.

    After blacking out and artifacting?(not sure if thats what the checkered pixel are) it would tell me the ati drivers were not responding and recovered successfully before it would get the black screen of death eventually afterwards.
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