Is my 4770 dieing

hi please help me if you can or if this ever happen to you
i have the xfx 4770 and its been working good all month until...

all i did was restart my pc and my computer would not post, so i turn off my PC and tried again and my graphics fan keep spinning,so i took out the card and used my on-board graphics and it work perfectly so i let it load into windows then i turn it off..i tried the card again and it work this bad news that it did that is it dieing or did it just need to be reseated in the board at first i thought it could be my power supply but then i thought to my self uh no its a antec 380 earthwatts can supply 27A on the 12V and it work with a 9500gt this card only uses 30 watts more and it works perfect in gaming. sorry for my rambling just want to add info

sorry for my horrible spelling and grammar

hers my system
antec 300 case
antec 380 watt power supply
athlon x4 620
asus m4a785-m moutherboard
3gb of ram
320gb hard drive
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  1. Are you sure that the 6-pin power connector is properly plugged in ?, Have you tried on other Mobo? I'd have the same problem, sometimes my pc just refuse to boot until i restart by pressing manually the restart button, anyway i think it may related to me Mobo 'cause after trying on a new one the issue is gone and works fine with the same video card that you got(HD-447A-YDFC), also you can check the memory timings/voltages on the bios setup, hope that helps
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