Need some help m4a88td-v evo not reading my patriot 1600 ram

my board isnt reading 1600 ram it reads 1333 and i know i have patriot 1600 g series looked in bios and changed it then get shut downs to windows whle playing bc2 need help to get it to 1600 kinda new.
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  1. is it stable at 1333
  2. When you set it to 1600, did you also check the voltage setting? If your voltage is set to 'AUTO', it might not be correct for your memory specs.
  3. ya its running stable at1333 and runs for a while if set to 1600 i changed voltage that was 1.8 to 1.905, itran for a while and stopped and kicked me out of bfbc 2. and i did look at memory to see what model it was must of got it wrong cause couldn't find it in the patriot memory spec so going to look at all of them and see just have to get the time. a friend suggested to go back to 1.5v and then go up till stable. and all i found was one that was really close to what i wrote down and looked at that and spec said 1.7v but didnt know if i could push it harder cause they said 1.9v was high .(my friend)
  4. if you can, stay at 1333, the performance difference is not very noticable. do not give excessive voltage to your ram , it can damage your ram as well as cpu or mobo.
    Or it can be a bad kit
  5. ok ill live with it but i payed fro it thought i should get it thanx might try a different kit if if i have extra money someday.
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