Should I upgrade an eMachines Desktop?

Hi, the name's Ernie and I am new to this forum. I recently became Comptia A+ certified with the help of my uncle who instructed the course at a learning center. I was given a free computer for my attendance and having the best score on the exams. I was expecting something more than an eMachines ET1831-05 but beggars cant be choosers :sarcastic: . I already have a decent laptop so I have no need for this computer at the moment. I regularly game on my laptop but my specs aren't great so I cannot run games at the settings that I would prefer. With CIV V coming out in September, I really want a PC that can handle it and run it well. The specs of the eMachines desktop are:

* 2.2GHz Intel Celeron 450 Processor
* 3GB DDR2 Memory
* 500GB SATA Hard Drive; 16X DVD±R/RW SuperMulti Drive
* NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Integrated Graphics
* Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

What I am wondering is if it is possible to upgrade desktop so that it becomes a fairly decent gaming PC. I would like to upgrade the processor and buy a decent video card. I can always sell it, if you determine that I will be better off building my own computer instead of upgrading this one. Budget isn't an issue but if I have to spend a lot to upgrade this computer, I rather sell it and build a gaming computer from scratch. Any recommendations will be appreciated, as well as any other opinions/suggestions on what I already had in mind.
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  1. You will be better off building your own PC, simply because of the fact that you might not be able to upgrade the Celeron 450, which will be a REAL bottleneck on an upgraded GPU.
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    I would sell it. In my opinion, not really impressed with eMachines. A friend of mine loves them, but the one that I looked at this weekend, it was about 2-3 years old, had a celeron, but man, most of the parts were low end in my opinion, used an ecs board, power supply only had about 15 amps on the 12v+ rail, and the board was failed. Not impressed.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I already have it on craigslist, hoping I can get at least 150 for it.
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