BR/DVD writer not writing audio cds

For many months my Pineer BDR-205 worked fine. Then it suddenly it began only intermittently recognising blank disks and writing data disks. It will not at all write audio disks. When I try I get this message:

"Writing to disk...0%
Audio CD
F: [11;0;0] PIONEER BD-RW BDR-205 1.12
CD-R, Maximum

[02:22:12] Preparing compilatoion
[02:22:14] Burn process started
[02:22:36] Burn process failed (Command sequence error)
Total time: 00:00:23
Average write speed: Maximum"

I have tried five different brands of media and two burning programs and cannot get rid of this problem. It writes DVD data disks ok - I don't know if it write DVD movies because I haven't tried to do that. It is writing audio cds I am mainly concerned about - and just handling blank media more sure-footedly. It reads audio cds and movie DVDs fine, and appears correctly in device manager.

I have bought a new, replacement writer - a Pioneer BDR-207. But I have the same problems still.

Could it possibly be the sata data and power cables? I cannot understand how because I had not touched them when the faults developed.

I'd be grateful for any ideas. Im stumped.
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  1. Are you using nero?
  2. No. I've tried Burnaware Professional, ExpressBurn, AShampoo Burning Studio, and Windows Media Player.
  3. Changed the BDR writer to an LG and changed the sata data cable and the mobo socket it's connected to - and it works properly again. Not sure exactly what the problem was but I'm v pleased the problem is fixed.
  4. Changed the BDR writer to an LG < BETTER CHOICE
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