GeForce FX 5200 vs. JATON 3DForce 6200TWIN

Hey guys,

I just installed my GeForce FX 5200 graphics card to see how it ran versus the standard JATON 3DForce 6200TWIN that came with the old computer I'm playing with. So far, it seems as if the 5200 is destroying the 3DForce 6200, for example, before, I had played World of Warcraft on very poor graphics settings, then I installed the FX 5200, and it would run incredibly smooth at the "ultra" graphics level, so, I'm enjoying the swtich so far. So, forum, tell me, scale of 1-10 rate both the cards and tell me if you think this was a switch for the better!

Thanks for your feedback!
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  1. Generally speaking, when you see a significant performance boost from an older card, it means some functionality of the game is not being rendered. In your case, the 6200TWIN is trying to do something the game is telling it to do, whereas with your FX5200, that functionality isn't even supported, so it doesn't even try.

    On a scale of 1 - 10:

    FX5200 = 1
    6200TWIN = 1.1

    So in terms of was the switch for the better? I'd say no, but I'm not you. I don't know your expectations/budget/requirements. If it works for you, great.

    -Wolf sends
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