How to repair deffect motherboard

I have Asus socket 775 DDR2 motherboard, the problem, thers no display on it and when you shut it down it will not turn it off even doing a long press of the power switch. The motherboard On but thers no display, I tried to shut it down by pressing the power switch in long way but it will not turn it off. can you help me for this...
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    Do you have the exact same problem as I do?

    Motherboard: eVGA nFORCE 680i SLI 122-CK-NF68-TI
    1. Press power button
    2. Hear fans go on (motherboard, cpu and video card)
    3. Wait for pc beep... no beep
    4. Look to see if there is an error on the lcd screen on the motherboard... no error
    5. Looking at the monitor to see if there is any video output. No video output
    6. Check to see if there are any capacitors leaking electrolytes... nope
    History of the pc: memory module was broken. Sometimes would beep at startup and display an error, if I just waited a while or shook the computer back and forth it would start up fine. All of a sudden the computer would start and then I would see no video output. I replaced the video card and it worked again. After a few weeks it would start and then shut off after 5 seconds. I stripped the motherboard from the case and connected the minimal hardware. Now it starts up and has no video output and doesn't get past POST.
    Is this worth fixing or do I really need to get another motherboard/computer. I have the feeling that my motherboard is screwing up my hardware.

    Summary of the problem:

    Thank you very much


    btw: excuse me for my bad English
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