12 monitors setup for trading

Hi all,

I am using i7-920, 12gb ram and 3 NVS-420 video cards that supports 12 monitors for trading. After 3 months of using, the computer is ok but I really don't like the performance of its graphic.

I want to build a new computer whose motherboard can support 6 video cards ( dual dvi). It is so hard for me to look for a motherboard since as far as I know, X58 supports only upto 36 lanes. The budget is about $2500.

I am very appreciated for comments and ideals.

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  1. You don't need 6 video cards, AMD has cards that can output for up to 6 monitors but state your monitors' inputs. All of them on a list.

    monitor 1: DVI, HDMI,
    monitor 2:
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